Five-The Dionnes: A Musical

The Premiere of FIVE-THE DIONNES: A Musical

Friday June 3rd to Saturday June 4th

Capitol Centre, North Bay, ON

Regular Admission: $25.00

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May 28 1934, in a modest farmhouse in the tiny hamlet of Corbeil on the outskirts of North Bay, a miracle in FIVE installments had begun. The premiere of FIVE- THE DIONNES, a musical by Zoey Adams and Tony Quarrington, will transport you back to a time and place that is legendary. HISTORY CAME HERE!

Gerry Mendicino, born and raised in North Bay, directs and acts alongside many talented local artists as they re-enact this tribute to the Dionnes as a live CFCH broadcast from the Capitol Theatre during the golden age of radio. Gerry has entertained on stage and screen for 50 years in a variety of venues including Host of Polka Dot Door, Sam Ramone in the award winning series Ready or Not, Uncle Taki in the award winning film My Big Fat Greek Wedding and A Thousand Splendid Sons at London’s Grand Theatre.

Open Friday & Saturday, 10:00am-4:00pm Free Admission

Private tours can be arranged on days we're closed to the public. Please provide at least 48 hours' notice for booking.


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